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Research Projects

Today’s computing landscape: a tiered model

Research topics


  • IoT tasks offloading and resource provisioning
  • VM/container placement optimization
  • Radio access technology selection for IoT devices
  • Routing protocol design for heavy traffic IoT environements


  • Latency minimization in 5G
  • 5G fronthaul Ethernet-based transport networks
  • Resource allocation in multi-tier cellular networks
  • Caching and cellular traffic offloading in D2D
  • Energy efficiency/harversting

Cloud/Edge Computing

  • Software Defined Networks
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Proactive VNF placement
  • Cloud infrastructure optimization

Traffic Engineering

  • Data center network management
  • Congestion control for data-intensive applications
  • Zero-loss Zero-jitter networks

Current projects :

SCORING: Smart Collaborative cOmputing, caching and netwoRking paradIgm for Next Generation communication infrastructures

Edge computing enabled CDN

IoT tasks offloading and resource orchestration in fog-computing systems

Ressource allocation and orchestration towards building beyond 5G networks

Past Projects:

Congestion Control Mechanisms in end-to-end 5G networks

Deep learning techniques for cloud automatic management

Efficient algorithms for resource allocation and interference management in Femtocell networks

Epidemiological surveillance for bilharzia using self-organized sensor networks

Dynamic control of optical networks

Smart Cloud Router

OpenFlow Router Optimization